interpretationThe role of conference interpreters is to express a speaker's message in another language, based on their command of languages and cultures, and their preparation and knowledge of the subject. They are specialists capable of effectively conveying the most challenging ideas. They are bound to strict confidentiality. Interpreters are thus more than just multilingual service providers.

 SystemSimultaneous interpretation uses specialized equipment that must satisfy two criteria: - For the interpreters, soundproofed interpretation booths provide for proper listening and a clear view, so interpreters can convey every shade of the speakers' meaning. - For the participants, the system must allow everyone to understand and/or participate, irrespective of their language and the language of the other participants. This can only be done by carefully determining how your meeting is to be organized. .

TranslateTranslating documents is also part of the services provided by ASCO International. From short e-mail messages to lengthy documents, we ensure quality translations through the careful selection of experienced translators (based on their languages and specialization) and quality control before delivery. Your terminology will be respected and all work will obviously remain strictly confidential.

interpreters boothInterpreters work in difficult conditions, so give them the best facilities!

Minimum teams comprise two interpreters (working in 30 minute relays) in booths that may be fixed or mobile and which meet international standards ISO 2063 (fixed) or 4043 (mobile) respectively, providing high acoustic performance.

A conference system, which should comply with IEC 914, includes booths fitted with interpreter consoles, conference microphones, a central unit with infra red links delegates' receivers and a public address system. The interpretation goes from the console output channel to the central unit where the sound is processed and broadcast on an infrared carrier to the delegates who select, on their receivers , the language they require. They are thus able to follow the proceedings simultaneously and with ease.

simultaneous interpreting boothThe system is complemented as required, by a suitable public address system , including table microphones, rostrum microphones, and cordless HF portable microphones. The proceedings can also be recorded and audio-visual equipment may also form part of the installation.

For a smaller conference, we propose a portable translation facility, comprising a HF microphone for the interpreter and headsets for the participants. A fully-trained technician provides on-the-spot technical assistance, thus guaranteeing a smooth, trouble-free meeting.

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